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We help guide entrepreneurs by providing them with a real-world understanding of the unique dynamics of technology markets, and the nuances of starting and growing an early-stage company, including developing a viable business case, plan and model, product development, staffing for growth, researching market opportunities, selecting best locations suited for the business, researching available state and local business incentives and positioning the company to attract investment capital.


We work with small to mid size companies to improve their performance, competitiveness and bottom line profit by implementing simple, result oriented, targeted solutions.


We pinpoint and troubleshoot problems for others. We listen well, we ask the right questions and, based on our combined broad experience.


Searching and finding the best solutions are the hallmark of our professionalism. We go through an exhaustive research process to make sure that the solution .

We embrace majority of the web development platforms to build and deliver wide range of web applications, services and web parts for your online venture

Computech Systems offers expert PHP My Sql development services, which range from web site development to deployment of enterprise level web applications in cost-effective manner.

Through ASP.Net we give your online business the Microsoft advantage in form of mission critical web applications that perform flawlessly to lift your business productivity…


1. Web Development Service

Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development Solutions Provide Competitive Edge
Computech System is one of the leading Custom Web Application development companies in India. We full- fledged offshore web development center in Ahmedabad. It has required technological infrastructure and modern amenities needed to deliver world class web application development services to global clientele.

Our decade-old experience in web development and sound understanding of latest web development platforms empowers us to deliver you classy web solutions that help you leapfrog over your rivals, to earn a distinctive competitive lead.
Scope of Web Application Development Services @ Computech System
People are increasingly becoming dependent on Internet to carry out their personal, business, educational, shopping and other daily activities. We at Computech System realize our responsibility and have come up with custom web application development solutions that enhance your business and personal growth. We offer web application development services for following areas:


You get wholesome electronic commerce development services at our ODC. Our developers proficiently use various development platforms like Magento, Zen-Cart, Virtue Mart, X-Cart, osCommerce, etc to craft intelligent shopping cart portals, which perfectly suit your online business. We custom develop and integrate special e-commerce applications in your existing website to enhance its functionality, for higher productivity.

Dynamic Website Development

Web world is getting highly competitive and interactive, with each passing day. We realize this and offer you dynamic website development services. Our developers use web technologies like Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight to bring in the stunning 2D/3D animation and graphics effects in your website.

They also integrate audio/video clips in you web pages so that your end users have the feeling of interacting with a “living website”. This in turn, increases your conversion rate and ensures a better cash flow to your website

Mobile Application Development

We have embraced different Mobile application development platforms like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc to create, end-to-end mobile apps. If you want social networking, online shopping, e-learning, online trading or any other web based application for your mobile phone you can outsource it to our offshore web application development center to enjoy exceptional mobile apps at amazing prices.

Content Management Development

We use advanced CMS development platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc to deliver comprehensive CMS applications that enable you to efficiently manage your own website content. You need not run after a professional programmer and shell out money, to update to your website.

The key inbuilt features allow you to author, edit, delete, add, update and publish your website content at your own convenience. If you own an e-commerce, e-learning or online trading portal you can regularly update the content to tremendously enhance your online business prospect

Mobile Gaming Applications

Mobile gaming industry is booming and to bite deeper into this pie, we at Computech System, fabricate ingenious mobile game applications. We custom develop sensational multiplayer games for your mobile phone so that you can play with other players around the world, online, at click of button. We also custom develop intelligent Puzzle games, thrilling action/war games, captivating 2D/3D animation games and many other types of games at our offshore development center so that you or your end users get sensational gaming experience.

2. Custom Website Development

Custom Website Development @ Computech Systems Drives Up Your ROI

Internet offer tremendous business opportunities today and to tap them properly it is necessary to hire a professional custom website development company. The cut-throat business competition on the net makes it mandatory to have a flawless website design, which provides greater visibility and leverage for resounding business success.

Custom Web Application Development @ Computech Systems

Computech Systems offers custom website development services. We understand the importance of well designed website because it reflects the business. An eye-catching website leaves good impression on the minds of visitors. We design your website keeping in mind your end users so that they click deeper into your website and give you the opportunity to successfully convert them into actual buyers of your hosted products/services. Our custom website development team takes care of following important parameters while designing your website.

  • Analyze your business requirements, its scope, targeted customer base and goals
  • Create your-business-specific designs that perfectly reflect your business values
  • Ensure SEO friendly features that enhance visibility of the your site on the net

The buck does not stop here because we believe in wholesome development of you site and provide you Content Management Service (CMS) that empowers you to feed your site with fresh content on regular basis. If you are into online business then our CRM development team ensures that your site is completely equipped with business tools/features to successfully manage broad range of daily Internet marketing and administration functions so that you can easily increase your business revenues.

If you are looking for custom e-commerce solutions and want to host an e-store then your search ends at Computech Systems. We have expert online shopping cart development team that is well versed in all the e-commerce development platforms like Magento, VirtueMart, Zen Cart, X-Cart, etc. You can take advantage of our rich experience in e-shop development and watch your online business revenues, multiply.

We are professional custom website development company and have Flex / Silver light developers, who have mastered the art of creating interactive websites and web applications. They integrate video/audio files and add other user friendly features to create a highly responsive website that gives delightful user experience. This adds value to your site and attracts more internet traffic.

Our web development teams are well versed in major open source web development platforms to give you cutting edge web solutions at very competitive rates. So with Computech Systems as your custom website development company you are assured of affordable custom web development services, which ensure that your website or web application performs brilliantly on Internet and drives up your ROI graph.

3. Web Design Graphic Design

Web Designing

Designing a website is defined as the arrangement and creation of Web pages that in turn make up a website. A Web page consists of information for which the Web site is developed.

Turning Ideas into Results
Our motto is “Turning Ideas into Results” as WE PERCEPT VISION of our valuable customers. Our main focus is to facilitate our clients by latest and best solution available in the IT Industry

At Computech System WE offers Professional Website design and web page redesigning services and have a team of young Web Designing professional with great graphic designing skills to create out of the world website.

We design and develop websites for the organizations who wants to use website as corporate branding for their worldwide clients. We have very good understanding of web design and know the crux of utilizing technologies for enhancing ROI (Return on Invest) from our designed websites.

Key Service Areas
We are capable of playing a vital role with respect to website designing at any of the below mentioned stages for any organization

  • Completely new website designing
  • Redesign or revamping of a pre-existing website
  • Maintenance of some existing website
4. Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization / Web Marketing

Computech System specializes in providing Web and Software Programming Services including solution integration and offshore IT outsourcing to small to medium and big sized businesses around the world. Join with us and you can benefit from our 5+ year experience, a pool of 45+ IT resources with astonishing range of skills, deep vertical industries expertise and excellence in top technologies, like PHP & MySQL, .NET, ASP.NET, AJAX and other open sources.

Computech System is a one stop/single window Software Programming Service Company to implementing your business idea as a software solution. You may depend on us to give your company a cutting edge, as we use the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective

Seo & Web Marketing

Achieving search engine positioning, just does not gives better Page Rank, but it increases web traffic on your site. This traffic may be some times fruitful and may help you in achieving better goals and Increases leads, sales and profits from your website. We at Computech System help you with Search Engine Optimization that improves your online presence and the SEO strategies also help in increasing your company’s reputation. And this reputation can also help you achieving customer confidence…

Email Marketing

The biggest obstacle in this marketing is “permission”. Your Email marketing may be labeled as spam and thus can not deliver to the intended recipients. Another one is laws of land. There are some different laws in different countries to consider Email marketing as spam or “abuse of net”. The CAN-SPAM act of U.S.A. is authorizing a US$11,000 penalty per violation of spamming each individual recipient. Therefore most of the Email marketers use software which ensures compliance with the act…

Web Promotion Service

Generally, when we say the product promotion, then it ultimately sense as product marketing; and here product is Web itself, so my dear reader do I mean to say that I want to sell Web here? No, never; but any product which can be promoted through Web is Web Promotion…

5. Software Development

Software Development

Computech System is an offshore software development company that provides end-to-end software development services. Modern business today relies on software technology for its efficient functioning. In order to retain competitive edge it is necessary to integrate latest software technology in the work flow processes. Computech System is a responsible software development company and follows well defined software development methodology to serve their business development needs.

Our Methodology

We have expert software analysts, whose primary responsibility is to study our clients’ software requirements, their work flow processes and devise the best software solutions for them. Following are the steps that our software development team takes to execute your web software development project.

  • Analysis of your workplace/business practices
  • Identify the shortcomings that reduce your productivity
  • Brainstorm the right software program so that you get requisite
  • software solution for you business
  • Software testing for bugs
  • Deployment and integration of software application/program into your work flow processes
  • Maintenance and operational support for uninterrupted performance

Our Software Development Services

Computech System provides web and software programming services to small, medium and big enterprises, around the world. We are neck deep in the custom software development and proficiently utilize the software and web development technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, AJAX,.NET, C, C++, ROR, VB.NET, HTML/XML and databases like MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Postre SQL,etc to deliver you precise software solutions that give you business the leverage to raise productivity. Our offerings are

  • Custom web application design and development solutions
  • Website software solutions
  • IT solutions for work place automation
  • Software solutions for Barcode and scanning services
  • Custom software development for B2B and B2C websites
  • Custom software programming solutions for Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry mobile phones
  • Re-engineer or enhance your existing web applications/website by integrating our custom software programs

The Computech Advantage

At Computech System we follow Agile software development methodology. We completely involve you in development of your project and use you feedback to craft perfect software development solutions for your business. This helps us to reduce the development cost and time, which in turn gives your business competitive edge in a cost-effective manner. This translates into higher ROI for you.

You can completely outsource software development to our offshore development center in India or hire our software developers on ho/ay, daily and weekly basis. In both the cases you are assured of excellent software development service at very competitive price.

6. Web Portal Development

Web Portal Development

In layman’s language a web portal would be referred to as a website with lots of pages, resources and features (real time chat, voting polls, message board, rating tools, discussion forums, videos and Image gallery, blog community and others) to make it easier for customers to find all related information at one place. Initially only search engines were referred to as web portals however with the advancement in technology we see that more and more industries are coming up with web portals to cater to their business objectives as well as to give something more to customers. Exhaustively a web portal is a browser based application allowing companies to efficiently merge business processes within and across the departments by combining access to organized and unorganized data.

Web Portal Development from Computech System – Know US

Computech Systems has been doing web portal development for over a decade now and has successfully executed variety of projects using latest technology and most interactive options. Portal development is complex as here development companies are faced with the challenge to seamlessly integrate various applications into one single website as well as ensure that each feature works perfect when used independently. But it is not all that difficult for us as our planning and execution skills along with our in depth knowledge of evolving technology helps us develop feature rich fully functional web portals for our clients. Our main focus is to develop portals for all sorts of businesses and web communities.

Portal Benefits – Why At Least One is a MUST

When more and more businesses are opting for portal development services, there definitely has to be something more to it. Below mentioned benefits hint why companies should have at least one portal:

  • Save on communication, administration, travel and training costs and benefit from higher Return on Investment
  • Manage business profitably in areas of customer services, productivity assessment, marketing and collaborations
  • Great way for companies to break away from routine business models
  • One point access for all staff members and customers to business processes and systems
  • Easy, logical and steady pulpit for information management
  • Simply eases complex business processes
  • There is always scope to modify or change with time and needs

Our Portal Development Services Set Us Apart

With proven expertise in web portal development Computech System has created disparate portals for various industry types. We have helped companies expand their scope and achieve their goals by creating highly manageable, scalable, secure, flexible and interactive web portals. Some of our portal development services can be highlighted as below:

Our Web Portal Development Specialties:

We would never want to brag about our specialties and web portal development skills still it is important for us to ensure that our prospective clients are able to get an insight into our capabilities so that they are able to make an informed decision. Here is what we can do:

  • Ready to use portal application programming
  • Business analysis and architecture design
  • User Business analysis and architecture design
  • User Interface design and usability
  • Intermediary application and web services integration
  • Fine tuning for portal performance optimization
  • Turnkey database design and integration solutions
  • Strategy proofing and consulting
  • Comprehensive portal testing
  • Customized application development
  • Unique creative solutions
  • Create a single point of contact for users

Our Capabilities Our Representation:

There is virtually no limitation to the type of portal we can develop; here are a few to list:

  • Vertical Portal Solutions
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Job Portal
  • Auction Portals
  • Matrimonial Portal
  • E-commerce Portals Development
  • Yellow Pages/ Web Directory Development

Data management portals
Community Building
Real Estate Portal
Online E-learning Portals
Dynamic News System
mobile portal development
Hotel and Restaurant portal development

7. E-commerce Website Development

E-commerce Application / Shopping Cart

E-commerce Development @ Computech System Expands Your Business Horizons

E-commerce development has acquired great importance in the modern day business. It has helped business organizations, businessmen and end users to overcome the barriers of time and distance to sell, buy and carry out other business transactions across the globe.

E-commerce Development @ Computech System

Computech System is a one of the leading e-commerce development companies in India that delivers comprehensive e-commerce website development solutions to its clients, spread across world. We deliver wide range of e-commerce development services from our offshore development center in India. Our offerings are:

  • E-commerce website development
  • E-commerce application development
  • Customization of existing e-commerce site
  • Development and integration of business specific applications
  • Development of dynamic B2C portal
  • Custom design, development and deployment of online shopping cart from the scratch
  • Integration of third party e-commerce applications
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of e-shop or e-store
  • eBay Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Custom development, configuration and installation of shopping cart software
  • Technical support and maintenance services for e-commerce
  • websites and applications developed by us

Why Select Computech System Your Custom eCommerce Development Company?

There are many e-commerce sites that meet dead end on the Internet highway and are ultimately abandoned by their owners due to poor performance. Computech System understands this problem and hence focuses on creating online shopping carts that flourish on the net and help their owners expand their business.

We equip your e-commerce site with custom features and optimize it for search engines so that you can reach out to millions of prospective customers of net and vividly display your hosted products/services.

You can also hire e-commerce developer or developers as per your convenience, to work on your e-commerce development project. Our flexible hiring options enable you to drastically reduce your e-commerce development costs. Thus by outsourcing your e-commerce web development to us you can easily expand your business horizons in a cost-effective manner.

8. Web Promotion Service

Generally, when we say the product promotion, then it ultimately sense as product marketing; and here product is Web itself, so my dear reader do I mean to say that I want to sell Web here? No, never; but any product which can be promoted through Web is Web Promotion.

The Internet has brought many unique benefits to the contemporary marketing, one of which being lower costs for the distribution of information and media to a global audience. The interactive nature of Web Promotion, both in terms of providing instant response and eliciting responses, is a unique quality of the medium.

Web Promotion is sometimes considered to have a broader scope because it not only refers to digital media such as the Internet, e-mail, and wireless media; but also includes management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) systems.

Web Promotion at Computech System covers both creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Advertising etc.

Web Promotion at Computech System also refers to the placement of media along different stages of the customer engagement cycle through:
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Banner ads on specific websites
Additive Games
E-mail marketing
Web 2.0 strategies

Web Business models

Web Promotion is also linked with following main business models:

  • E-commerce: Goods are sold directly to Consumers (B2C) or Businesses (B2B)
  • Advertising:
  • lead-based websites: An organization generates value by acquiring sales leads from its website
  • Affiliate marketing: A process in which a product or service developed by one is sold by other active seller for a share of profits.

There are many other business models based on the specific needs of each person or business that launches a Web Promotion campaign.

  • One-to-one approach
  • Appeal to specific interests
  • Geo targeting
  • Different content by choice
  • Automated different content

Web promotion; Advantages with Computech System

Web Promotion at Computech System is relatively inexpensive in compared to the amount spent on traditional advertising.

Web Promotion methods at Computech System allow consumers to research and purchase products and services at their own convenience. Therefore, businesses have the advantage of appealing to consumers in a medium that can bring results quickly.

The strategy and overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns depend on business goals and cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis. Therefore Web Promotion at Computech System has developed system of measuring that statistics easily and inexpensively and helps you to reach at proper Business conclusion.

With us nearly all aspects of a Web Promotion can be traced, measured, and tested. We offer a variety of methods for it such as:

  • Pay per impression
  • Pay per click
  • Pay per play
  • Pay per action

Therefore, you as a marketer can determine which messages or offerings are more appealing to your audience. Such measurement cannot be achieved through billboard advertising, where an individual will at best be interested, then decide to obtain more information at a later time.


1. PHP Mysql Development

PHP Mysql Development

Computech System is trusted and leading platform providing PHP development including a vast experience in LAMP solutions. We are prime and great performer in affiliating the new technologies

Opensource Revolution

Computech System is known for its web development solution services world-wide and PHP Development is powerful area of ours. We have vast experienced developers team of HTML, MySQL, Linux, PHP and other.
Today, the development of the websites and its maintenance become the first and foremost necessity in the whole globe. PHP is basically designed for the creation of dynamic web pages and thereby website development. Computech System offers PHP development for offshore PHP web development and Custom PHP programming services to develop advanced website for online ecommerce website or for the online shopping cart. Our PHP developers or PHP programmers are using advanced technology for the PHP website development. Our good command over PHP Development and MySQL Development shows our capability and efficiency.We have high quality and largest experince PHP developers team which offers you cost effective, offshore PHP development services. We offer you hire dedicated php develoeprs for affordable and low cost and superior quality PHP web application development solution.

PHP Developer From Computechsystem

Computech System have experienced PHP developers who are highly qualified and having deep knowledge of PHP and other programming languages. Thus, Computech System offer hire PHP developer or hire PHP programmer service for your online business at affordable cost to develop e-commerce websites according to your needs and set a platform for the expansion of your online business. If you are looking for hire PHP developer India in search engines, Computech System is the source you are looking for. We can give you full delight from our work that all our clients have got.

2. LAMP Development

PHP / LAMP Development

LAMP Development- For Versatile Web Applications

Lamp development is concerned with building a viable web server that facilitates web operations in a flawless manner. It is versatile web development platform, which is combination of Linux- operating system, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL (database software) and Perl/PHP/Python- programming languages.

The Lamp development platform may vary, depending upon the web programming language or operating system, used in it. The Lamp developers can use PHP, Perl or Python programming languages or different operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Solaris or Open BSD, depending upon the requirement. Since, Lamp development platform is made up of components, which come from open source, the development of Lamp web applications is quite easy and cost-effective.

Lamp Development- The Advantages

Lamp development platform is a highly flexible web application development platform, which offers developers the flexibility to create flawless web applications of their choice. Following are the benefits of Lamp programming.

  • The web applications are compatible with majority of the web browsers
  • The coding process is easy and applications are up and running in minimum time
  • The Lamp based applications can be easily developed and deployed, locally.
  • The robust Linux architecture ensures safe and secure Lamp web

Lamp Web Development @ Computech System
Computech Systems runs a full-fledged ODC in India, from where it delivers exceptional Lamp development services to its global clientele. It has dedicated Lamp software development team, which creates innovative software solutions so that performance of their web applications, exceed the clients’ expectations. Their expertise extends to following areas of Lamp development:

  • Building Lamp servers and web applications
  • Integration of new Lamp systems into current systems in a hassle free manner
  • Custom PHP web application development or PHP web development through Lamp platform
  • Offshore development and deployment of Lamp web applications
  • Dynamic website and Rich Internet Application (RIA) development services for greater user experience

Computech System brings to its clients the benefits of the Lamp development so that they can enhance their prospects on business and personal fronts, in a cost-effective manner. The clients can also hire Lamp developers, of their choice and work with them right from the beginning till the end of their project. In this way they get excellent and highly customized Lamp development solutions at affordable prices and within stipulated time frame.

3. PHP Application Development

PHP as a Technology

PHP is a server side scripting language especially used for creating dynamic websites with dedicated member areas, integrated forums or blog, picture galleries, surveys etc as it makes it easier for web developers to establish effective connection between the website and the server. PHP is a cost effective and feature rich alternative to high value complicated commercial software products. Its cross browser compatibility ensures that everybody, no matter which browser they use is able to view and use the site without any compatibility issues.

Why Chose PHP Application Development?

People planning to get a dynamic website developed are sure to face this question, “Why to choose only PHP when there are so many options available”. It would have been really easy for us to say that PHP is the best platform for feature rich website development and hence an ideal choice when developing a website. However we do not believe in being short, below is a list of all the features of PHP which makes it the best:

  • Costs very less, clients pay only the development charges rest all is freely available
  • No royalty so no added expenses
  • Compatible with various browsers and databases
  • Works hand in hand with HTML, thus making it easy to integrate into a website
  • High level safety and security can be ensured
  • Get the Java or Microsoft C# feel without spending much
  • PHP websites loads really fast and easily
  • Customization is possible to a greater extent

Why Chose us for PHP Application Development?

Here again we could have easily and shortly said “chose us for PHP development because we are the best”, Yes, Of course we are the best at PHP development however there is some more to partnering with us on PHP projects:

  • Expert PHP developers with more than 5 years of domain expertise work on project
  • We do not shy away from ever changing requests
  • We deliver scalable solutions, adjust our solutions as needed
  • Low cost but with the promise to deliver much better PHP services
  • Test us to understand our skill sets
  • Round the clock tech support available, call us in the middle of night and be sure to be greeted pleasantly

What we have done and can do on PHP
There is nothing impossible for us so far as PHP application development is concerned. The list below clearly states our capabilities using the platform to deliver power pack PHP applications:

  • Effective Customer Management System
  • Easy to Manage and Navigate Shopping Carts
  • Secure Membership Management
  • Update everyone related through Electronic Newsletters
  • Hassle Free Product Catalogues
  • Safe and Secure Credit Card Processing
  • Operational Mailing Systems
  • Easy Order Tracking
  • Automatic Tax / Shipping Calculations
  • Integrated Message Boards and Forums
  • Restricted Access Areas
  • Integrated and Interactive Blogs
  • File Management (Docs and Media Files)
  • Connect Anytime to Anyone through Online Chats Solution
  • User friendly Back-end Administration Panels
  • Integrated Search
  • Feedback Forms
  • Advertisement and Banner Management – Know Endorsements even Better
  • Event Calendars – Manage Events Smoothly
  • Polls and Surveys – Get Interactive
  • Project planning and discovery – Ensure proper functioning
  • Ratings and Reviews – Ensure how things are going RSS Feeds
  • Visitor Tracking and Website Statistics – Know Visitors
  • Easy and Fast Web Content Management
4. PHP Custom Website Development

PHP Custom Website Development- For Eye-catching Website

PHP custom website development has caught the attention of the website designers and developers around the world. The intensive online competition and has resulted in creation and deployment of eye-catching websites that perfectly reflect the business on the net. PHP custom website development plays a pivotal role here, because it empowers the website designers to create powerful websites that have customer oriented design and content.

Content layout, its quality and overall design of the website are critical aspects of the PHP website development. In order to attract maximum numbers of visitors and convert them successfully into actual buyers, it is necessary to have refreshing, user friendly and attractive content and website design.

Custom PHP website Development @ Computech System
Computech System has proficient PHP website development team, which is well versed in PHP development platform. They utilize salient features of PHP programming language to create amazing website designs are cut above the rest. Our PHP professionals optimize your site, on design, SEO and content fronts, to give you a vibrant website that enables you to reach out to greater numbers of potential clients and impress them with your business offerings. Our PHP website development team takes care of the following things, while custom designing your website:

  • The website design is customer oriented. Our PHP developers analyze the scope of your online business and its targeted customer base, prior to designing the website. The design and content (graphics, video/audio clips, written text and its layout) of the website is built to perfection so that it appeals the taste of clients.
  • Create communicative and responsive design, which allows clients to interact smoothly with website, especially online shopping carts.
  • Ensure precise placement of eye-catching content, to impart greater visibility of the important information to visitors, to have greater impact on their minds.
  • Well thought-out content strategy, which makes your website self-explanatory and has interactive design components that enable the visitors to quickly click-through-to, the required information, without any hassles.

Scope of Our Custom PHP Web Development Services

Computech System is professional PHP development company and offers PHP custom website development services so that you can bring ingenuity into you website and make your money go further. We have skilled PHP developers or PHP programmers who are well versed in LAMP programming and custom design your website so that it has a lasting effect on the minds of visitors. Our custom website development services cover the following areas:

  • Web page design
  • Graphics designing
  • Dynamic and static website design
  • SEO friendly website design for higher search engine results
  • PSD to XHTML conversion for better browser compatibility
  • Flash website design
  • Website re-design
  • Shopping cart design and development
  • Website maintenance and design up-gradation
5. Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Technologies Development

Computech System is a complete IT solution provider Company. We are Leader in business of software development, web development and CMS solutions and our web application development services mainly based on the Microsoft .Net framework.

Computech System has the expertise with Microsoft technology like as ASP.NET 3.5, C# .Net Web Development, VB.NET, We provide latest technology solution with Microsoft .Net technology. We have massive experience in the

  • Web application developmen

t with ASP.Net development, C# development and also we have desktop application development using We have portfolio for web / desktop application and application development projects which tell that we are pioneer in the Microsoft based technology.

We have vast experience in application development. We have got big achievement with large scale web application development with ASP.Net Development using C#. We are a Software development company which Outsource software development services to the worldwide. We have experienced.Net developers which are creative to develop complex business software / solutions. We have team of Software developer which can use latest technology and always enable to serve world class services for Software development. We also capable of creating interactive application with using latest technologies like as AJAX and ATLAS.

Developing software and web application with high quality / security standards using Microsoft technology is one of our main goal. We build latest technology websites with affordable cost. We have also been working with.NET Win Forms, web services, XML, SQL Server etc. To summarize we have expertise in development as well as Custom ASP.NET development, VB.NET development, C#.Net development, ASP.Net 3.5 C++.NET development, ADO.Net etc.

Computech System Is Expert in :

  • Develop .NET system designs
  • Developing applications
  • Develop Web based service application
  • Develop Desktop application
  • Development of.NET custom controls
  • .NET Compact Framework(2.0 and 3.0)
  • Web Services, SOAP, WSE, SOA, UDDI
  • Win Forms
  • ASP.NET,
  • SQL Server 2000/2005
  • .Net 3.5 Development

Microsoft .Framework

Nowadays Microsoft .NET Framework is a necessary component to run several applications. The .NET Framework 3.5 is the newest form of the Windows programming. its support the build of latest applications. The .NET Framework version 3.5 has numbers of advantages like as scalability, reliability, Security, Language Independent, Interoperability. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 involves Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows Card Space

ASP.Net Web Services

  • Computech System Offers following Web Services in ASP.Net:
  • Programming and designing ASP.Net
  • Porting and Legacy application to ASP.Net
  • Web application development
  • Portal development
  • E- Commerce Solutions
  • M-Commerce Applications
  • B2B and B2C Portal

Microsoft .NET as it has a lot of built-in support for different languages. .Net is a platform for developing XML web services, Windows, mobile, and web applications programming languages Visual Basic .NET, Visual C++ .NET, Visual C# .NET, and Java Script.


Visual Basic .NET as well as VB.Net is well known as object-oriented computer language that can be viewed as an evolution of Microsoft’s Visual Basic (VB) implemented on the Microsoft .NET framework. Computech System is offshore software Development Company which is the professionals in VB.Net development. We are the expert in develop Windows-based and web-based applications.

Main Advantages using VB.Net:

  • develop with speed or time limit
  • increased performance, stability and increase productivity
  • built-in functionality
  • various method of integration
  • Integration with different languages
  • Scalability
6. HTML5 Development

Computech System Offers Impressive HTML5 Development Services

It seems World Wide Web started with HTML, and until HTML5 was introduced it was never thought that HTML can be actually used for rich internet development. HTML brings with it lot of features or we should call it power as it is these features that make it powerful, to enable rich HTML 5 web development using its offline / storage, multimedia, 3d, graphics, effects, CSS3 styling, file/hardware access, realtime/ communication, semantics, markup and performance and integration capabilities.
As Computech System has always boosted we are once again among just a few handful people who have started offering HTML 5 development services. Our HTML developers had been working on the latest version since 2008, that’s the time when it was first introduced to the web development industry. Today they are all confident that they now have the skills required to correctly handle the powers of HTML 5 for HTML development. It has been a big learning curve for them but they were willing to go down the road, learn all that is new in the latest version and create an impressive portfolio of HTML 5, experimenting and learning HTML 5.

Endless HTML 5 Development Done at Computech System

HTML5 Web Application Development:

This should sound obvious, since the beginning of World Wide Web HTML has been used as a language by humans to communicate with the internet, it is just that HTML5 makes it even better. With HTML5 web development it is possible to develop a single website using one single language that is HTML5 for all the features that need to be added to the website. Through HTML5 HTML now provides for a feature rich website development.

Computech System’s Experience Brings in Many Benefits to Clients

HTML5 development, is the latest thing around in the web, mobile and game development niche. Only few who are as experienced as Computech System would be able to grasp this advanced HTML version to deliver what they have been delivering using some of the existing pulpits. When we say this we are in all moods to prove it to our clients that we can do HTML5 development, as seamlessly as we would be working on other existing platforms.
Our web development experience empowers us to challenge our clients to come to us with a challenging project, and in return we promise to accomplish it as per the details given by them, cost effectively without compromising on quality.

7. ASP.NET Web Development

ASP.NET Web Development

ASP.NET is a web application framework marketed by Microsoft that programmers can use to build dynamic web sites, web applications and XML web services.

Why Choose Computech System for ASP.NET development?
Computech System’s Asp.Net programmers develop, design and deliver complete solution using the features of .NET. The Computech System has been drawn a profound line of quality work in ASP.NET developments across the globe. Our foot prints running in form of small to big organizations’ satisfactions and growth.

Our team of professional developers having expertise in ASP.NET Programming, ASP.Net website development and is always ready to cater for your needs at any level of Customized Web Application services as well as maintenance work in .NET.

Our Capabilities

  • E-commerce shopping carts development
  • Custom web applications development
  • Database applications development
  • Migration of applications to Asp.Net from other languages like ASP, PHP.
  • Content management systems development
  • Web portal development
  • Re-engineering, support and maintenance of applications in .NET

Benefits with Computech System in Asp.Net development

  • Our ASP.NET programming is a part of the .NET Framework: The .NET Framework comprises over 2,500 classes that you can employ in ASP.NET applications. Therefore, ASP.NET takes complete advantages of the Common Language Runtime, type safety, inheritance, security, and all of the other features of that platform.
  • Our ASP.NET programming with multiple language support: ASP classic pages are created with only scripting languages such as VBScript and JavaScript, whilst ASP.NET pages are created with advanced programming languages such as Visual Basic .NET and C#.
  • Our ASP.NET pages are compiled: When an ASP.NET page is first requested, it’s compiled and cached on the server. This significantly improves performance. All ASP.NET code is compiled rather than interpreted, which permits early binding, strong typing, and just-in-time (JIT) compiling to native code.
  • We offer Ease of configuration: ASP.NET configuration settings are stored in XML-based files, which are human-readable and -writable. Any standard text editor or XML parser can be used to build and edit ASP.NET configuration files.
  • ASP.NET automatically applies new configuration settings to web resources whenever it finds any changes to configuration files, without re-booting the server.
  • Computech System offers Browser-independent applications: Web forms offer a framework for developing application logic on the server; this eliminates the need to explicitly code for differences in browsers. ASP.NET takes care of detecting the type of browser and browser compatibility issues when it generates code for a server control.
  • Intelligent developers at Computech System prevents you from Memory leak deadlock, and crash: Our ASP.NET application automatically detects and recovers from errors such as deadlocks and memory leaks to make sure that your application is always available to your users
  • Our dedicated ASP.NET Programmers make Code-behind logic: The main problem with ASP classic pages is that an .asp page doesn’t provide modularized code. Both HTML and script are present in a single page. But our ASP.NET implementation contains a new angled method to break up business logic code (functional code) from presentation code (HTML code). The code-behind file (.aspx.vb or .aspx.cs) consists of event handlers, initialization code, and other supporting code for the user interface in the .aspx file.
  • Here ASP.NET programmers boost your Performance and scalability: Our ASP.NET application improves output caching thus it dramatically improve the performance and scalability of your application.
  • Our ASP.NET Designers simplified the deployment: With our ASP.NET application, you can deploy an entire application as easily as an HTML page: Just copy it to the server. No need to run regsvr32 to register any components, and configuration settings are stored in an XML file within the application.


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