Enterprise Application Solutions

Enterprise Application Solutions

Most of the big enterprises faces today’s competitive ever-evolving marketplace, their companies faces challenges to increase revenues constantly and simultaneously reducing their operative costs, improve efficiencies and raise customer satisfaction levels. Computech System develops Enterprise Applications to stay at your side in this on going battles.

It is obvious that most of the big organization faces following problems in there organizational developments and managements of IT related tools at a point of time:

Most of them have a Central Database Application that is characteristics of:

Most of them have a Central Database Application that is characteristics of:

  • Shows symptoms of rambling and burdensomeness.
  • There instruments and their parts are critical and irreplaceable
  • Either difficult or nearly impossible to change
  • Solely dependent on the manufacturer’s version upgrade for modification
  • Mostly detached from the internet for concerns of safety and cost

A overflow of semi-independent Satellite databases and Web sites that are

  • Lack of adequate and proper synchronization with the central database
  • Lack of proper security and upgrade maintenance
  • Consists of end users with too many IDs and passwords simultaneously
  • Lack of established organizational business practices

in such situation Enterprise Applications Development at Computech System offers their services and brings:

  • Improvements in organizational efficiency and productivity
  • Proper synchronization of data across functional points
  • Full scalability of applications
  • Relative flexibility of applications
  • Complete and desire expandability of applications in functionality

Experts at Computech System achieves above by following Applications development:
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is the process a company follows to track and organize its current customer base.
At Computech System CRM applications include the following modules:

  • Customer analytics
  • Customer support
  • Sales force analytics
  • Sales force automation

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

It is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.

The Module Develop at the Computech System encompasses:

  • Document management (DM)
  • Collaboration (or collaborative software, groupware)
  • Web content management (WCM) (including web portals)
  • Records management (RM) (archive and filing management systems on long-term storage media)
  • Workflow/business process management (BPM)