PHP Application Development

PHP as a Technology

PHP is a server side scripting language especially used for creating dynamic websites with dedicated member areas, integrated forums or blog, picture galleries, surveys etc as it makes it easier for web developers to establish effective connection between the website and the server. PHP is a cost effective and feature rich alternative to high value complicated commercial software products. Its cross browser compatibility ensures that everybody, no matter which browser they use is able to view and use the site without any compatibility issues.

Why Chose PHP Application Development?

People planning to get a dynamic website developed are sure to face this question, “Why to choose only PHP when there are so many options available”. It would have been really easy for us to say that PHP is the best platform for feature rich website development and hence an ideal choice when developing a website. However we do not believe in being short, below is a list of all the features of PHP which makes it the best:

  • Costs very less, clients pay only the development charges rest all is freely available
  • No royalty so no added expenses
  • Compatible with various browsers and databases
  • Works hand in hand with HTML, thus making it easy to integrate into a website
  • High level safety and security can be ensured
  • Get the Java or Microsoft C# feel without spending much
  • PHP websites loads really fast and easily
  • Customization is possible to a greater extent

Why Chose us for PHP Application Development?

Here again we could have easily and shortly said “chose us for PHP development because we are the best”, Yes, Of course we are the best at PHP development however there is some more to partnering with us on PHP projects:

  • Expert PHP developers with more than 5 years of domain expertise work on project
  • We do not shy away from ever changing requests
  • We deliver scalable solutions, adjust our solutions as needed
  • Low cost but with the promise to deliver much better PHP services
  • Test us to understand our skill sets
  • Round the clock tech support available, call us in the middle of night and be sure to be greeted pleasantly

What we have done and can do on PHP
There is nothing impossible for us so far as PHP application development is concerned. The list below clearly states our capabilities using the platform to deliver power pack PHP applications:

  • Effective Customer Management System
  • Easy to Manage and Navigate Shopping Carts
  • Secure Membership Management
  • Update everyone related through Electronic Newsletters
  • Hassle Free Product Catalogues
  • Safe and Secure Credit Card Processing
  • Operational Mailing Systems
  • Easy Order Tracking
  • Automatic Tax / Shipping Calculations
  • Integrated Message Boards and Forums
  • Restricted Access Areas
  • Integrated and Interactive Blogs
  • File Management (Docs and Media Files)
  • Connect Anytime to Anyone through Online Chats Solution
  • User friendly Back-end Administration Panels
  • Integrated Search
  • Feedback Forms
  • Advertisement and Banner Management – Know Endorsements even Better
  • Event Calendars – Manage Events Smoothly
  • Polls and Surveys – Get Interactive
  • Project planning and discovery – Ensure proper functioning
  • Ratings and Reviews – Ensure how things are going RSS Feeds
  • Visitor Tracking and Website Statistics – Know Visitors
  • Easy and Fast Web Content Management